We create educational rap and hip-hop songs and worksheets for teachers who need something fun and engaging to use in class. Winner of two Parents' Choice Awards.

It's a smarter, cooler Schoolhouse Rock®.



... Fact-packed, smart lyrics geared to older children and teens.

- Parents' Choice Awards

Common Sense Media
... Clever, contemporary, and beautifully performed and produced.

- Common Sense Media

Economics and rapping wouldn't seem to be the most natural bedfellows, but they keep showing up... this latest instance is probably also the best.

- New York Times Freakonomics Blog

The Basics

  • We Make Award-Winning Music

    Our network of artists and collaborators includes lyricists, composers, producers, vocalists, and MCs. This structure enables us to create award-winning educational music with artists from around the country.

  • Get Unlimited Access Today

    Our own streaming music service, RRR.fm, provides access our complete library of music 24/7 from any computer. It's the best option for schools. Learn more!

* Schoolhouse Rock® is a registered trademark of the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ("ABC"). Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by ABC.

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