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are informal technical mailing lists for organized around the following bioenergy topics


To participate in a thetechnical conversation about improving biomass cooking stoves in English, join theBiomass Cooking Stoves Email List

Or join our Spanish language email list the Cocinas y Estufas Mejoradas

We our proud of our panel of experts and practitioners that use this list to engage in technical conversations, resolve problems and improve stove dissemination. Most of the conversation focuses around designing better biomass stoves, for whom the 3 stone fire, or an un-improved stove are the main alternatives. The goal remains to help the poorest people in the world gain access to better cooking options.

The Biomass Cooking Stoves web site

rice gasifier

For a technical conversation about the development ofsafe, efficient, economical, and environmentally preferable thermal biomass gasification processes, jointhe Gasification Email List

From conversations about combined heat and power systems to wood gas heaters and drive on wood systems, we are intersted in the wide variety of biomass gasification applications worldwide.

For pictures and details about select projects including links to find references and more information see the Biomass Gasification web site

retort and cone biochar

To learn more about Biochar, intentional charcoal in soil, and participate in the main discussion on the Biochar (Terra Preta) Discussion Group

  • For information about using charcoal in soil
  • For people who want to focus on the technical aspects of producing good quality biochar
  • For pictures and details about select projects including links to find references and more information see the Biochar (Terra Preta) web site

A quick history of the lists

Tom Miles has provided web hosting and technical support for the bioenergy web sites at since 2004 and assumed responsibility for hosting the mailing lists in 2010.

TR Miles Technical Consultants Inc.
Portland, Oregon, United States of America

TR Miles Technical Consultants assist the development, design and installation of Agricultural and Industrial Systems for Materials Handling, Air Quality and Biomass Energy;Renewable energy from biomass and wastes.

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