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Feature Articles and Woodworking Project Plans You'll Find Inside

Pole Construction For Low-Cost Outdoor Storage

Plans for a 10" x 16" pole-style garage/storage shed
So, where does a family find the space they need these days to store cars, bicycles, lawn & garden equipment, motorcycles and all the other stuff that seems to collect faster than we ever imagined ? Do you add on to the house or an existing garage ? Do you rent space somewhere for the stuff you use the least and hope the rest will fit in the garage space you have left ? Do you simply move the cars out to the driveway so you have room for all the other stuff




The Luggage Stand
A quick, easy-to-build stand to minimize guestroom clutter

Here's a great project that's sure to please any overnight guests. It's an attractive, folding luggage rack that's not only very practical, but also shows off your woodworking and turning skills in a different way. However, two stands are often lots better than just one…so, once you've made your set-ups for the various operations, it takes just a little extra time to make a second stand.



Castle PuzzleThe Castle Puzzle
Here's a great wooden castle puzzle for the favorite little knights and princesses in your life

Here's a perfect project to put your Shopsmith Scroll Sawthrough its paces ! We used a combination of ordinary fir plywood (be sure one side of your plywood is "A" grade, without knots, footballs, or similar imperfections), cherry and clear pins…but you can use any combination of stock you like.




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