1527 Route 27, Suite 1100, Somerset, NJ 08873

Phone: (732) 545-7474   

Fax: (732) 545-2880       

1527 Route 27, Suite 1110 Somerset, NJ 08873

Phone: (732) 545-7474

Fax: (732) 545-2880

We are always looking for new members to join our team!  Click here for more information 

We assist to arrange local transportation for senior citizens. Please ask a member of our team for more information!


You can being filling out the correct forms before coming into our facility. Providing us with a completed patient information and medical history information will save you time during your appointment.  


We have put together a comprehensive list of insurance polices that we currently accept at our office 


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At MultiCare Therapy Center, patients receive outstanding medical care in a convenient and comforting environment. Treatment at MultiCare Therapy Center is designed to be patient-focused, with expertly trained therapists meeting one-on-one with each patient.

Individually tailored education, treatment and exercise plans are optimized to specifically fit patient's rehabilitation and recovery needs and home/family situation. The personal attention is critical in assuring that each patient recieves the appropriate care in order to achieve excellent outcomes and remains compliant in his or her treatment plan. 

MutiCare Therapy Center is specifically designed for outpatient use, so patients have easy access to the building and convenient parking. Unlike a multi-story hospital, patients can often park within a few feet of the facility. This is particularly important  for disabled patients, and for those treatment plans require several visits per week. 


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