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Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 End of Life

As Windows 7 comes to the end of its life, applications in enterprise desktop and virtualization environments everywhere will feel the effects.

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do if your applications depend on windows 7: You can use a very old Windows server platform or jump on the virtualization bandwagon.

Jan 14, 2020, support for Windows 7 will have ended. On that day, any newly found security holes will not be fixed by Microsoft.

This is such a serious threat that all companies housing financial and medical information are being required by law to upgrade any and all computer systems running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 because firewalls and anti-virus software will NOT be sufficient to completely protect them (or you).

And while January 14, 2020 may seem like a waysoff today, updating an IT infrastructure is a large task that takesconsiderable time. It's important you take action NOW, before it's too late.

Windows 7 support will be ending January 14th 2020. Make sure you have a migration plan.

Business Server Backup

We have a couple of ways we can backup your servers. Either just the data, or image backups with data being transmitted off site. Protect your business by protecting the data critical to your business. Call us for more information.

Support portal for remote support click here

Virus and malware removal.
If you find that your computer is infected, and don't now how to remove it, PacInfo can help.Removing viruses can take a lot of time or a little time to remove. However, for your protection, we clean your computer of the malware for a flat rate fee, so you can have peace of mind when you bring your computer in for cleaning. Normally that fee is $159, but for a limited time we are offering to do it for $120.You just need to bring your computer to our office. If you want to prevent viruses from getting on your computer, you can check out PacInfo's managed antivirus service where removal is discounted even more and often we can work on the computer remotely and you don't need to bring it in.

Willamette.Net Merges with Pacinfo

We are proud to announce that Willamette.Net has joined forces with Pacinfo Internet Solutions of Eugene, creating the largest locally owned Internet service provider in the southern Willamette Valley.The merger of Eugene's two oldest and largest ISPs combines both companies' considerable resources to provide expanded Internet services, which include broadband, dial-up, website design and hosting, e-mail, off-site backup, and server co-location.The merger will not affect current Willamette.Net or Pacinfo customers.According to CEO Randy McMillan, "Both Willamette.Net and Pacinfo are known for high quality service and support.That commitment will not change."

Changewill come in the form of the relocation of the PacInfo servers to the currentoffices of Willamette.Net. "The server room facilities at Willamette.Net aresuperior to our current location, and it only makes sense to use the bestfacilities to provide our customers the best service" says McMillan.

The merger allows PacInfo to better implement their off-site backup services and provide a more robust server room environment for customers who need a place to house their servers in an Internet data center. The combined companies will now have increased resources to provide expanded Internet services, including broadband, dial-up, website design and hosting, e-mail, off-site backup, and server co-location.

Your Local ISP.

Proven track record
Friendly personal service
Locally owned and operated
Providing complete internet services
Easily accessible customer support
Email Virus protection
Email forwarding
No Hassle
No Contract required
No Impersonal national providers
No Waiting for technical support

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Call Today for your Free Web Development Consultation

 Do you have viruses or spyware on your comptuer? We can remove them for just $120! We currently have Remote support available where you can allow us to log into your computer to fix many problems. Call for more information. 

Starter Kit Packages - Easy, Fast & Affordable WEB SITES
Enhance your company's image and express your company's individual character. Cost doesn't have to be "out of sight" to make your presence known! Call us for more information or to set up a time to review these options with examples. 541-344-5006

Transit Solution (starter kit package 1)
Single web page designed to make your presence known. A professionally designed basic information page to get you started. Please call for details.

Economy Solution (starter kit package 2)
A professional web site with up to 5 pages. Individually enhanced to reflect your company's character. Please call for details.

Ecommerce Packages
Add affordable Shopping Cart Packages to a starter kit solution, custom development or to your existing site.

Custom Development
Completely custom design your own specifics to meet your individual needs. Quotes are based on characteristics, applications, and programmable features. Every website is unique - like each of us.

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