The university isplanning to have some students back on Grounds this fall.

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Bridge Doctorate Program

Bridge Doctorate Program

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 at Virginia

A Short Video About the UVa Physics Department

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 at Virginia

Quantum Information Research at UVa

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Astrophysics, Gravity and Cosmology at Virginia

Astrophysics, Gravity and Cosmology At Virginia

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Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics at Virginia

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics At Virginia

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Condensed Matter Physics at Virginia

Condensed Matter Physics At Virginia

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Nuclear and Particle Physics at Virginia

Nuclear and Particle Physics At Virginia

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High Energy Physics at Virginia

High Energy Physics At Virginia

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Bychkov Helps Inspire Pre-Med Student

In an article highlighting a recent grad's COVID-19 service, credit was given to Max Bychkov as one of the professors who helped convince her that the ... Read?

Sackett participates in NASA cold-atom experiment

Cass Sackett is a principal investigator and science team member in the NASA Cold Atom Lab project, in which ultra-cold atoms are produced and ... Read?

UVA SPS Holds Drive to Support Under-Represented Minorities

The UVA Chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) has created a funding drive to encourage donations to several organizations ... Read?

Congratulations to this year's Physics Department Award Recipients!

Rajveer Nehra is the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Graduate Research Award in Physics. Raj will soon complete his ... Read?

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