For much of my career, I had the honor of working in the newspaper industry -- much of it overseeing the archives of the Dayton Daily News and The Indianapolis Star. During those years, newspapers were adapting (not always well) to the advent of the World Wide Web. Having access to more than 100 years of traditional newspaper clipping and photo files, I created a number of website projects. Those are no longer online, but I saved some record of them here.

Indy500 Encyclopedia

For the 2011 centennial of the first Indianapolis 500,I put together a team and produced the book "100years,500 miles," which was published by The Star justbefore that year's race. My last deadline for bookproduction was early in April and I spent the next twomonths developing an online version of the book forwhich I gathered much more material than could fit in abook.


While writing the StarFiles blog for, Ioften wrote about notorious crimes of Indiana history.These were invariably among the most popular topics. Ihave re-assembled these entries here, adding additionallinks to old news clippings.

IndyStar FactFiles

These are screenshots of some encyclopedia pages that I developed for IndyStar between 2000 and 2007:

Howwould the IPS levy
affect you?

Because of a change in state law the previous year,Indianapolis voters in 2008 were for the first timebeing asked to vote on proposed additional taxes tofinance school building repairs and other capitalexpenses.

To help voters decide, we gathered tax data for allresidential properties in the district, and I createdthis calculator. Site visitors could look up anyresidential address in the school district and see whatthe next year's taxes would be with or without theproposed tax.

Complicating things, the Legislature had also approveda cap to prevent any taxpayer's property tax bill fromexceeding 1 percent of the property's gross assessedvaluation. So we added this element to our math sincethe cap would be in place by the time the new localtaxes were raised if the levy passed.

Although no longer officially on IndyStar, a version ofthis database can still be found at thislink. I also included an interactivemap showing which school buildings were scheduledfor repair if the funds became available.

I started work as Library Director at the Dayton Daily News in January 1993, just as the Internet was about to transform.I was at that time teaching classrooms of journalists how to search the old version of the Internet -- which consisted of UseNet, Telenet, gopher, etc.The "World Wide Web" had recently been invented by Tim Burners Lee, but had been primarily used almost exclusively by European universities.

But in 1993, the first browser -- "Mosaic" -- became available, and that is what I first used to develop an intranet site for the DDN newsroom. That first intranet is mostly lost except for a screenshot of the homepage.

The second version, launched in 1995, has been partially preserved and is here at right.