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Personally illustrated, ferocious beasties, silly food shape masks, Greek theater style comedy and tragedy drama masks to evil looking space aliens, this web site is filled with fun activities for children.

Colorbook mask images are useful for teaching children about the cultures and traditions of other countries and peoples through decorating face-masks. Snowflake theme face-masks can be used to educate about weather classification symbols for ice crystal formation as well as for costumes for school plays and amateur theater productions.

Patterns for Mask Craft Projects

Teach hands-on, tangible crafts of all kinds to help test and develop cognitive, reasoning skills, to actually envision the perfect mask and discover the how's and why's of the way things work.

Kids can wear the finished masks in pretend play or use them as wall hanging decorations for parties and thematic events.  Paste the masks onto paper grocery bags to fit over the child's head (with eye and mouth holes cut out, of course)

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras masks for carnival celebrations, snowflake masks for the winter holiday festival or butterfly masks for spring parties. Prepare to be astounded with the selection of beautiful free paper snowflake pattern crafts in Paper Snowflakes patterns for unique, original snow crystal folding and coloring fun for the children! Hundreds of snow flake designs for beginners and advanced craft artists alike. Perfect for busy teachers, caregivers, moms and dads.

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Africa Masks

After you've finished playing with with all the fun color book masks here be sure to also treat yourself and the children with all the free Pumpkin Patterns patterns for unique, original Halloween carving and coloring fun for the children! Hundreds of easy pumpkin carving templates for beginners, perfect for busy moms and dads. 

African masks can represent spirit beings, departed ancestors, or invisible powers of social control. Some African tribal masks are full-body costumes worn as part of elaborate, important social, religious, and moral ceremonial events with costumed dancers, vibrant music, and stylized dances. Teachers can create team building exercises with the various mask themes in this web site. Scary monster masks or buggy masks can be useful aids in teaching about bad dreams or fear or anxiety reduction exercises Masks are created according to tradition and worn by trained performers.

Color book masks are personally illustrated by scissorcraft for good old fashioned, family oriented entertainment. The mask art and craft patterns can assist with the practice of teaching visual-art, dexterity and scissor craft skills. Print color and decorate color book mask designs for any children's party, birthday or holiday event such Halloween, Easter or for masquerade balls and costume parties.

Craft Mask Templates

Color Book Masks for any and all occasions for young children to print, color and decorate for fun any day of the year. Colorful disguises make perfect costume accessories. Color Book Masks is just what the doctor ordered for those of us who choose to live in the slow lane or want to get out of the cacophony of mindless chatter and noise that seems to be the Internet today.gingerbread house mask1200

Sure, children need to learn how to manipulate computer technology in order to succeed in the rat-race that is to be their future, but isn't it nice to be able to just sit with a child and show them how to cut a simple snowflake, or make personalized handmade art gifts to produce something tangible that they can look at with pride and know that they actually made something themselves?

All images are provided in large format, easy to print, grey and white colors which are perfect for use as patterns for embroidery, needlepoint and other hobby crafts. If you plan on pasting the mask image onto a mold or solid surface, first print each mask on vellum paper or card stock, or regular paper.

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