300x600pumpkinadFright-Night Halloween Arts & Crafts

Carve scary, spooky or silly Halloween pumpkins in no time with these easy color book templates designed for inexperienced, beginners and very young children.
Unique and terrifying Jack-O-Lantern carving template and stencil printables.

Discover hundreds of free printable Jack-o-lantern pumpkin and gourd illustrations for children, parents and guardians. Celebrate the rise of the living dead with creepy color book masks of evil demons and dastardly dragons.

Choose from a wide range of grotesque facial characteristics or creepy masquerading visages of demonic fall spirits. Carve totem pole statues with simple pumpkin and gourd images based upon Native American lore.

Decorate your midnight party with more carved pumpkins of cackling witches, howling ghosts, shrieking goblins and grubby, grimy gremlins than can crawl out of the cold, dark earth of a graveyard on Halloween night. 

Cackling witches, howling ghosts

Scissorcrafts containing hundreds of easy unique, professional Halloween Jack O'Lantern pumpkin carving template stencil designs.
Print on regular to thin paper for tracing or card stock for masks and ornaments. These stencils have been divided into categories for easier navigation.

Cultural theme available in Scissorcrafts Premium include renditions of historical images of North American indigenous native totem pole figures, Japanese Kabuki theater masks, New Zealand tattooed and painted faces and more.