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Ask Janek Gwizdala(954)New York City bass player and record producer
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Ask Anthony Wellington(389)Renowned teacher, clinician, and bassist for the Victor Wooten Band. Focusing on technique, theory, slapping, gigging, and "knowing your bass". [Forum is Closed]
Ask Todd Johnson(176)Jazz bassist, 6 string pioneer. Focusing on expanding the harmonic role of the bass guitar. [Forum Closed]
Ask Mike Watt(474)Wrestlin' the Four String. [Read-Only Archive]
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Double Bass
Basses(8006)Discussion on the instrument: double bass, string bass, contrabass, bass viol, acoustic bass, upright bass, standup bass, bass fiddle...
Electric Upright Basses (EUB's)(1561)Dedicated exclusively to the electric upright bass, including strings, setup, and amplification
Bows and Rosin(1798)Bass bows and rosin issues, makers, brands, choices, recommendations...
Strings(3724)Double bass strings discussion
Accessories(484)Flight cases, gig bags, stools, endpins, etc.
Setup & Repair(4875)Exploring the issues involved in setting up and repairing basses, along with luthier recommendations.
Luthier's Corner(75)Double Bass Build Tutorials, Guides, and Photo Essays
Amps, Mics & Pickups(5947)Discuss anything related to amplifying your double bass
Jazz Technique(2621)Jazz bass technique: left and right hand issues, advanced techniques, and any physical issues relating to playing jazz.
Orchestral Technique(1601)Exploring technique on the "classical" double bass, from Beethoven to Bottesini
Orchestral Auditions(817)Discussion on the battle for orchestral jobs: tips and advice, how to prepare, and who got the job...
Rockabilly(445)Dedicated to Rockabilly Double Bass
Bluegrass(454)Bluegrass technique, performance, bassists, and more
Music(1975)Discuss double bass sheet music, new works, etudes, editions, get recommendations...
Recordings(2408)Double Bass recordings, mp3's, YouTube finds, etc
Music Theory(709)Chords, bass lines, melody, intervals, scales, modes, etc.
Double Bass Pedagogy(140)Double bass teachers put their heads together on topics related to the instrument. Topics may be created by the resident teachers, or requested by others.
Bassists(1606)Discussion on notable bassists
Social Events and GTG's(26)Social Events and Get Togethers for Double Bassists
Miscellaneous(4184)For threads that are music-related, but not specifically bass-related
Bass Humor(597)Bass jokes, musician jokes, gigs gone wrong...
Off Topic(1085)Any totally non-music-related discussion
Ask Patrick Neher(265)Professor of Double Bass at the University of Arizona
Ask Lynn Seaton(174)World-Renowned Jazz Bassist; Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas
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For Sale: Bows(13)
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For Sale: Europe and International(3)Double basses, bows, amps, strings for sale in Europe and other countries outside of North America
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DB Classifieds Archive(5986)Search through old and expired Double Bass classifieds.
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