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Cadmium Electroplating Services

Cadmium Electroplating Services

Cadmium, a soft bluish metal that is bright silver in appearance, provides a superior protective coating that stops corrosion. It is an exceptional metal for corrosion protection because it has great electrodeposition throwing power. Cadmium plates down into the hidden recesses of machined parts and fasteners.

An excellent choice in the metal finishing industry for any part that requires exceptional environmental protection is cadmium. This metal is known to have excellent properties of ductility, solderability, natural lubricity and superior corrosion protection in marine environments as it is also antifungal.

No other metal surpasses the protection of cadmium with the additional properties.

Three J’s ...
Zinc Coated Springs

Zinc & Zinc Iron Electroplating Services

Zinc, a bluish-white, lustrous metal, is one of the most often used metals in the electroplating industry.

Three J’s Industries uses an alkaline zinc plating bath. The resulting finish gives the steel part a corrosion protection coating as well as a nice bright appearance.

The alkaline zinc plating bath used by Three J’s Industries is exceptional because it is very ductile and has superior resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. Other types of zinc plating, like acid zinc, are not ductile and are very susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. Alkaline zinc is the process most often used in the automotive industry, especially on safety parts.

Three J’s Industries electroplates parts with zinc in conformance with ...
Trivalent Chromates

Trivalent Chromate Finishing

Baking and Post Finishing

Baking and Post Finishes

Three J’s Industries can bake plated parts in their 5,000 lb. batch furnaces, to reduce the potential for undesirable hydrogen embrittlement. Extended baking cycles are also available.

As the hardness of parts exceed 35RC, the risk for hydrogen embrittlement increases. The process of baking a part after plating raises the metal to a high temperature that promotes diffusion of the entrapped hydrogen. This then evens out the hydrogen distribution throughout the part and eliminates the voids at which potentially damaging stresses can be concentrated. However, there are no guarantees that baking completely removes hydrogen embrittlement.

Cadmium and zinc and zinc iron plated parts can be coated with post finishes of ...
Metal Finishing Services

Metal Finishing Services

Three J’s Industries is a job shop that specializes in both zinc and cadmium metal finishing.

In addition to zinc and cadmium metal finishing, Three J’s Industries provides chromating, bright dipping, passivation, waxing, baking, leaching, rust proofing and various colored dyes.

Three J’s Industries is approved by many companies. This includes the big three automobile manufactures – Ford Motor Co., General Motors World Wide, and Chrysler Corp. – as well as Mercury Marine, Kelsey-Hayes, Caterpillar, and the U.S. Military to name a few leading industrial enterprises. The most current requirements are maintained to assure your parts are up to date on all job specifications.

In an industry of quality awareness ...
Salt Spray Testing

Sealers: Improved Corrosion Protection Coatings

  • Seal #2: A liquid material used to improve the corrosion abrasion and heat resistance of inorganic coatings such as chromates, oxides and phosphates. It gives an excellent protective coating, that is uniform and clear in color. Also, this product does not bind or build up on threads or recesses.
  • Seal #3: This process is designed to give greater corrosion protection than Seal #2. It has a protective outlook on both white rust and red rust. Plus, it also does not bind or build up on threads and recesses.
  • Seal #4: A water base chemical coating, which is used for exceptional corrosion-resistant coating on plated parts. This process greatly enhances the salt spray protection for white ...
Salt Spray Testing

Salt Spray Services

Three J’s Industries has in-house salt spray testing available to meet the ASTM B117 specification. Photos at designated hours are available upon request.
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