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REAL Services is the most comprehensive PdM Laboratory with practical experience relating Equipment Particle Analysis (EPA or Ferrography), Filter Analysis,Used Oil Analysis (UOA); Used Lubricant Analysis (ULA) including all lubricants ?natural lubricants, synthetic lubricants, emulsions, water glycols,grease testing,metalworking fluids,quench oils and related documentation necessary for conducting your equipment reliability and operational integrity testing for your comprehensiveReliability- Centered Maintenance (RCM) or PdM Program


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U.S. Patent 6,691,557 & 6,928,861


After decades of being a leading PdM laboratory, REAL Services hasdeveloped in cooperation with our technically sophisticated customers the best, most comprehensive, analytical approach to Reliability- Centered Maintenance (RCM)available in today's market.  Now you may affordably achieve Predictive / Proactive Maintenance, going beyond Preventive Maintenance and leaving Panic Maintenance behind.

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