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CenturyLink Field

I have attend music events, Sounders game and Seahawks games.  They provided really great ASL interpreters for the music event.  They have shown a lot ...

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

When we attend the event next door or in the neighborhood, then we will come here for drinks.  Everyone I have met there at different times ...

PCC Community Markets - Ballard

Ever since they opened up the new PCC in Ballard, everyone there were so friendly with me as well as making every effort to communicate ...

ACT Theatre

It's a thrill each time I'm able to take in a show at ACT Theatre. I LOVE their theatre-in-the-round format, which is an ...

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Equal Access at NAD Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Everyone is still talking about how successful the NAD 2016 conference was in Phoenix, Arizona: especially in regards to the equal access at the convention center, the hotels, the surrounding restaurants and bars. All of that is because of the training?that they got from deaffriendly.?

Watch the Video! #deaffriendly or #deafchallenged?

Actor John Maurcere, known for his role in?SuperDeafy, displayed his usual charm and dynamic energy on screen as he engaged real-life Deaf people (not actors) and their real-life #deafchallenged and #deaffriendly stories.

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echo image



Ronda helped me get my home office set up in a way that I could work ...

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Steve Smith image

Steve Smith

Certified Translation Services NYC

They offer an awesome and timely translation service for my certificate. Thanks 

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Jerry Wess image

Jerry Wess


KUDOS...word gets around fast when good news comes for Deaf and hard of hearing. After ...

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